Is It Time For a Brand Refresh?

Okay, so we're assuming you're familiar with what rebranding is, but do you know her little sister "brand refresh"? If you aren't familiar with who she is, why you might need her, or what she’ll do to become your new favorite sibling, don’t fret, because we’ve unleashed all the family secrets below...Think of little miss brand refresh as your business makeover guru...similar to a personal makeover, i.e., better haircut, trendy outfit, and new shoes that transform how you are perceived to the outside world, but instead for your brand!

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Vanessa Bisetti
The 5 FREE Business Tools That We Swear By

Oh, the joys of launching (or relaunching) a new business. The excitement! The anxiety! The rush of months or possibly even years of work, finally being hurled into the proverbial public cosmos! You’ve confidently pushed publish with child-like excitement as all your public platforms fire up and activate. And now, to avoid continually refreshing your platforms and checking your messages like a stage-5 clinger, you go and pop open that well-deserved bottle of champagne to celebrate--because we MUST always celebrate our wins, am I right?

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